How we prepare for a group retreat

In the days prior to a psychedelic group retreat we look at our venue through the eyes of our guests.

We place ourselves in the position of our guests.

When our guests arrive they can be a bit nervous because our minds don’t like doing things that we can not predict. So we make sure there is a calming atmosphere, soft music and a personal touch in the rooms. To make our guest feel welcome, comfortable and safe.

We also prepare by looking through the eyes of our guests when they are in an altered state of mind. They can see beauty in everything, like the flowers in the rooms, the nature around the yurt, soft fabrics, special music and wonderful fragrances. All these elements can pleasantly tickle their spirit and consciousness in a very soft and caring way.

We prepare ourselves for a special weekend and we ask our guests to do the same. By taking some extra rest, eating healthy and living towards a special acquaintance, the acquaintance with their true self.

Preparation Matters.

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