Turn potential into matter.

Eric and Marieke live in a monumental thatched house called “De Tabakschuur” (The Tobacco barn). An exceptional place in the middle of nature, close to the city where you can work on your personal growth in a safe, pleasant and soothing atmosphere.


The Tabacco Barn

Eric and Marieke live in a monumental thatched house called “De Tabakschuur” (The Tabacco Barn). The grounds around this house are exceptionally sandy for this area and it is also called “t Zand” (The Sand) here. In the past, tobacco was grown on these light soils. The leaves were dried in the top of the high house. The house is built on an exceptionally light foundation, as it stands on a small sandbar. A safe, solid and well-founded environment, just like the values that we find so important for our work.

In this area, a lot of fruit was grown in the last 70 years, especially in the 50s-70s. That fruit cultivation has now mostly disappeared. Eric’s father, Frans, had a fruit business at this place. Currently there are still tall trees with Goudreinets, resistant apple varieties, plums and pears. A wonderful place to relax. Everywhere on the site there are places to be alone and enjoy the peace and nature. In total, the site is about 10 ha in size.

In April 2022 we started with the renovation of one of the buildings into a coaching room with sleeping accommodation. We have a fire pit, a yurt and 2 separate modern luxury homes that can be used for multi-day retreats or individual sessions. One of the homes has an adjoining separate coaching room. All of this you will find in the middle of fruit trees and a rural setting. On request, you can also use our wellness facilities.

Location matters


Culemborg is located in the province of Gelderland, with a short distance from 2 other provinces. If you stand on our driveway you are 1 km away from the province of Utrecht (other side of the Lek) and 1 km away from that of South Holland (West).

Although the area is very rural, we are close to the outskirts of the city of Culemborg. Culemborg is very easily accessible by car via the A2 and the train station is only 2 km away from us. We have a spacious car park.

Our address is:

Goilberdingerdijk 37

4105 LB  Culemborg


Nothing else matters.

Rest is one of our most important basic needs. We do everything we can to create a soothing experience that makes you happy, fulfilled and energized. Calm your mind in our beautiful place and find the clarity and silence to find your true self.

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