Turn potential into matter.

We are convinced that everyone has the power to reach their highest potential. Driven by a deep respect for the nature around us, we help people become the best version of themselves by continuing to discover themselves. Turn potential into matter.

The connector


Marieke has fully focused on personal development, leadership and how psychedelics can support this. She has 20 years of work experience at various large organizations in positions where cooperation and personal development were central. Marieke is a certified coach, trainer and psychedelic practitioner. She applies her knowledge and experience to facilitate others in their personal growth. She connects with people, provides peace and is able to show ways to explore breaking old patterns and creating new possibilities.

Personal mission

“It is my mission to facilitate others to gain new insights, get closer to themselves and be able to see their own beautiful and unique qualities again. To be who they want to be.”

Psychedelics go deeper.

“In my work as a coach, I noticed that that fixed thinking and behavior patterns make it difficult for my clients to change. And more so to let them go. The reason is that to change these patterns means stepping out of the comfort and trying new things. Some patterns are so deep that talking alone doesn’t work anymore.

Psychedelics helps to go deeper. It creates a clear connection with your consciousness. Insights are brought from the subconscious to the consciousness and that makes it possible to see and learn from.

My work as a certified coach, my personal experience with psychedelics and my training as a Psychedelic Practitioner at Synthesis, come together very nicely in this.”

The divisor


Eric has worked successfully as an entrepreneur in fruit cultivation for 30 years. At the age of 23, together with 3 partners, he started his own cultivation consultancy for fruit growers at home and abroad. Together with its own research program and pilot orchards, this company grew into a respected and leading company in the sector. Working with and in nature, the trees, the soil and his customers gives him a lot of satisfaction. After 30 years of very hard work, with success, he has very consciously chosen a different direction.

Personal mission

“It is my mission to give everyone, who is open to it, the experience of psychedelics in a safe setting, to get closer to themselves. That's what I wish for everyone.”

A down to earth view on life.

“After years of hard working and multiple experiences with psychedelics, I have very consciously chosen a different direction. For me, plant medicines are a special part of nature and clearly show how powerful the unity between plant and man is.”

Eric wants to share his knowledge and experience and he does that by facilitating others in  psychedelic journey. So that everyone, who is interested in this, can experience getting closer to themselves. In a safe setting. That’s what he grants everyone.

In order to become a good facilitator, he first gained a lot of “travel experience” himself. He tried various plant medicines at lots of other retreats and he did a lot of his own research. He has gained a lot of experience and worked on his own processes through an annual plant medicine chakra program.

To facilitate others, it is important that you yourself are well aligned and know what someone else is going through by first experiencing it yourself. Thanks to his background and life experience, Eric continues to keep a down to earth view on a world that is seen by some as “woo woo” or too spiritual.

“I know the power of the substance very well and know that this can help people with a straightforward view on life to get closer to themselves, their feelings and their happiness.”

He is extremely grateful that he, together with Marieke, can share their nice house in a beautiful place in the middle of the Betuwe with others where everyone can work on personal growth in peace.

Our commitment

North Star Ethics Pledge

The North Star Ethics Pledge is a commitment to a set of principles for individuals working professionally in the field of psychedelics.

  • Start Within
  • Study the Traditions
  • Build Trust
  • Consider the Gravity
  • Focus on Process
  • Create Equality & Justice
  • Pay it Forward
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