To the Heart of the Matter Program

This program is aimed at gaining insight into what currently needs your attention in order to grow personally. You can get a different perspective on your life, relationships, patterns and/or blockages. This makes you aware of what unconsciously plays a role or stands in your way.

What makes it so valuable is that you feel what it is like to be fully in contact with yourself, without blockages.

These sessions are already used worldwide for trauma treatment, addiction problems, depression and personal development. We focus mainly on personal development. A screening will always take place beforehand to discuss whether this program suits you.



The program starts with an online coaching session to discuss what you would like to explore, process or learn. We do this based on a questionnaire you fill out in advance. You get an insight into the program and you receive information to prepare you well.

We will discuss how we can best support you during this program to gain valuable insights that will lead to personal growth.

On the day of arrival we will show you the retreat and discuss your intention for the journey. In consultation we determine the dosage of magic truffles that suits you and the journey you want to make.

The Journey

You ingest the psilocybin through a tea made from magic truffles. About an hour after drinking the tea you will notice the first change and slowly you enter a kind of dreamscape, your subconscious. You can partially mentally direct the session yourself, but you can also let it happen.

During the journey, which lasts 4-6 hours, you may experience both the light side and the dark side. The light side can give feelings of happiness, gratitude and love and the dark side can be exciting, sad or painful. If you are willing to open to this and look at it closely, it will give you valuable insights that will bring you personal growth.

We will provide music, scents and professional guidance throughout the journey.

The Integration

After the journey, it is important to land calmly again. You have experienced and felt a lot. It feels like you have been in a blizzard where everything is still allowed to come down.

That is why it is so nice to have the time and space in our retreat. You stay in an apartment with every comfort in the middle of nature. We are there for you when you need us.

The next day, after breakfast, we discuss your initial insights and you take them home with you. Processing this experience is a valuable process that can take days, weeks or even months. Valuable because you can learn and grow from all the insights.

Listening to the playlist of the journey, self-care and an integration conversation (after 1,5 weeks) help you process the insights and bring you one step further in your personal development.

This program can of course be adapted to your needs, for example by adding more coaching sessions and/or journeys or by experiencing it as a couple. The conversations are always 1 on 1.


“This program was and is for me a natural and spiritual way to get in deeper contact with myself. Each time is different, each time a different way of discovery and healing. For me definitely a recurring ritual that I can heartily recommend to everyone”

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