The advantage of a group retreat over individual coaching

Some find it scary to let go of control in front of others.

But what could happen if you shared what is holding you back and
what you would like to change?

You might feel shame, start crying, or feel uncomfortable but you can also be an immense support to each other.

Because it’s just so nice to hear,
that you’re not alone, that others have the same or similar issues.

It will strengthen you to deal with it, dive into it, and it suddenly becomes a lot easier.

Everyone who signs up for a group retreat has the goal of getting to know themselves better and to learn from this.

It is rare that someone’s reaction is so severe that it disturbs the other participants.

The great advantage of traveling in a group is that you can support each other and learn from each other. That effect is very valuable.

Our groups at The Matter consist of up to 8 participants with 3 facilitators.

We devote a lot of attention to personal screening, preparation and creating a safe setting during the retreat so that our participants can confidently devote all their attention to their own personal growth.

Often after a retreat you know each other’s deeper soul movement but have no idea what the other is doing in daily (work) life.

What matters most.

Wondering if a psychedelic group retreat could do something for your personal growth?

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