2-day group retreat

Winter Solstice Retreat Dec 21-22 – Fully booked

  • Fully booked
  • Retreat with 1 night stay
  • 21-22 December 2023
  • Starts 10am
  • 650,-

The 21st of December is also called the 'winter solstice'; the day where we see the longest shadow of the year when the sun rises. It is a ceremonial day, full of traditions and rituals. In many cultures also a holiday, with fire, light and sound to wake up the sleeping nature spirits for the preparation of spring.

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A short retreat for experienced travellers

On the shortest day of the year, when the night lasts the longest, we organize a very special retreat with one journey.

This retreat is for people who have experience with psychedelic journeys.

Instead of during the day we will make the journey during the evening/night. The effect of an evening/night journey is more intense. The reason for this is that your brain is closer to the dream phase at that time. This allows you to get into your subconscious state more easily and deeply; Where you can get closer to your true nature and find inner peace.

Just before Christmas, a great time to put things into perspective and come to yourself.

We make this journey with a high dose of psilocybin and Caapi, this combination is also called ‘Psilohuasca’.

Psychedelic Retreat

Winter Solstice

This special retreat, on the 1st day of winter, is facilitated by Eric & Marieke.

They have put together this program in such a way that you get the peace and space to get to know yourself better, surrounded by nature with comfort and use of wellness.

The place

Rest is one of our most important basic needs. We do everything we can to create a soothing experience that makes you happy, fulfilled and energized. Calm your mind in our beautiful place and find the clarity and silence to find your true self.

Our mission

“It is our mission to facilitate others so that they gain new insights, get closer to themselves and be able to see their own beautiful and unique qualities again. To be who they want to be.”

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