4-day group retreat

New Year Resolutions into Matter

  • Retreat with 3 nights stay
  • 3- 6 January 2024
  • Starts at 2pm
  • 1950,-

During this retreat with two psychedelic journeys, your goals and wishes for the new year are central. At the beginning of the year, this is a great time to give all your attention to the potential you see for yourself in this year.

Price is incl. VAT for individuals and excl. VAT for companies


A retreat focused on the new year

During this retreat we will pay full attention both to mental as physical wellness.

On Wednesday 3rd of January we start at 2pm. This day is meant to relax, get to know the group and feel at home. We prepare you for the first journey but also for a new year in which everything is possible and open.

On day 2, after a light breakfast and a meditation, we begin the first journey with a medium dose of psilocybin. After the journey we will have dinner and the rest of the evening you have the space and time to relax and process the insights.

Day 3 begins with a meditation. After breakfast we will discuss the experience of the first journey and we prepare you for the second journey. This journey is with a higher dosage of psilocybin, which we will start in the afternoon.

On day 4, Saturday 6th of January, we will have a debriefing in the group and you will work on bundling your insights so that you can start the new year with a focused and fresh perspective.

We end with a luxurious brunch. Around 13:00 everyone can go home.

The reason we choose two journeys in this program is because it provides the most valuable insights. In the second journey you often continue on the insights of the first journey, you can go deeper and you can bridge any resistance more easily.

During the entire retreat you have a private room available and there is plenty of time for relaxation, use of sauna and 1 on 1 conversations.

We provide delicious healthy and vegetarian food. A wonderful relaxation massage from our massage therapist Ellen is planned for everyone.

This retreat is an ultimate gift for yourself at the beginning of the new year. Because of the relaxation and the insights you gain during the two trips, you are fully connected to yourself. In this way you create the moment to clarify what you want for yourself and which possibilities you choose. Using your potential.

We will schedule an intake interview with each participant prior to the retreat. A week after the retreat there is a zoom call with the whole group and if desired, a 1-on-1 follow-up conversation can also be scheduled.

Psychedelic Retreat

New Year

This retreat, on the 3rd day of the new year, is facilitated by Eric & Marieke.

This program gives you the time and rest to focus on the wishes and opportunities you see for yourself in the new year. Besides the two psychedelic journeys, the program includes wellness, meditations and professional guidance to turn your new year’s resolutions and potential into matter.

Our mission

“It is our mission to facilitate others so that they gain new insights, get closer to themselves and be able to see their own beautiful and unique qualities again. To be who they want to be.”

The place

Rest is one of our most important basic needs. We do everything we can to create a soothing experience that makes you happy, fulfilled and energized. Calm your mind in our beautiful place and find the clarity and silence to find your true self.

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