3-day group retreat

Women’s Conscious Cannabis Retreat 2-4 Aug

  • Cannabis journey
  • Special Collaboration
  • 2- 4 August 2024
  • Start 11.30am
  • 1750,-

A special collaboration between Marieke van der Spek and Jeanine Souren. Jeanine is a well known psychologist, sexologist and therapist. This immersion cannabis retreat is created for women seeking a transformative experience without the intensity of traditional psychedelic journeys.

Price is incl. VAT for individuals and excl. VAT for companies


A safe space where strength meets freedom

Cannabis, within the right mindset and setting, can act as an inner guide. The psychoactive effects of cannabis can help dissolve inhibitions, amplify sensory perception, deepening introspective connection with yourself.

Cannabis can actually facilitate a shift from your Thinker to your Feeler, creating a deeper, more intuitive connection, rooted in the womb. This awakening of feminine energy to its fullest potential allows access to creativity, empathy, and inner wisdom. Working from your core instead of merely cooperating with your head is definitely an upgrade- come and try to find out what it means for you.

Discover a subtle yet effective way to enhance your inner freedom. Our program takes a measured approach to well-being. Experience a judgement-free zone where introspection meets emotional freedom. Clear away the mental clutter and focus on inner balance.

Our retreat combines the guided use of cannabis with wellness practices like breathwork,  meditation, healing sound therapy, and nature walks.

A judgement-free zone where introspection meets emotional freedom. Clear away the mental clutter and focus on inner balance.

The program contains the following:

Preparation Phase online: 1 x 60 minutes meet and greet

Day 1: Retreat
Arrival 12 pm, check in and shared lunch
Afternoon theme: reconnecting with feminine energy and exploring deepest desires, creating a safe space for vulnerability and authenticity
Preparing for day 2: self-care and self-reflection
Evening: intentional nature walk, optional
wellness activities

Day 2: Conscious Cannabis Experience
Unleash your creativity
Shared cannabis experience in a controlled environment with breathwork, healing sound bath and meditation
Reflecting, sharing experiences, and emotional processing
Healthy Dinner
Optional wellness activities

Day 3: Integration
Integration phase: breathwork, bonding
Check-out after lunch, allowing time for reflection and gratitude before departing

Online Integration: 1 x 60-minute integration session

We’ve interlaced wellness practices—such as canna-breath work, sauna, massage, and healing sound baths—with guided cannabis experiences in a discreet, controlled, and mindful setting.

This retreat is not just an escape, but also a chance to connect with a supportive and empowering small group of like-minded women.

Your chance to break free from the noise and rejuvenate.

Women’s Conscious Cannabis Retreat

Elevate your escape

This retreat in the middle of the summer has been designed and will be facilitated by Jeanine Souren & Marieke van der Spek.

Away from the demands of your professional and personal life, our retreat offers a discrete setting and a rare opportunity to experience conscious use of an ancient plant medicine.

Free of stress, time pressure, responsibilities and judgements. Cannabis helps clear away mental clutter, providing a liberating experience and prepare you to face the world refreshed after the retreat.

Our mission

“It is our mission to facilitate others so that they gain new insights, get closer to themselves and be able to see their own beautiful and unique qualities again. To be who they want to be.”

The place

Rest is one of our most important basic needs. We do everything we can to create a soothing experience that makes you happy, fulfilled and energized. Calm your mind in our beautiful place and find the clarity and silence to find your true self.

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