4-day group retreat

Ascension Day Retreat 9-12 May

  • 2 psychedelic journeys
  • Retreat with 3 nights stay
  • 9-12 May 2024
  • Start 2pm
  • 1950,-

During this 4-day Ascension retreat in the spring, ‘renewal’ and ‘growth’ play a central role. This is for you if you consciously want to explore your potential for personal growth.

Price is incl. VAT for individuals and excl. VAT for companies


A retreat focused on growth and renewal

During this retreat we pay full attention to both mental and physical wellness.

On Thursday 9 May we start at 2pm. This day is meant to relax, get to know the group and feel at home. We prepare you for the psychedelic journeys but also for a new period, a new season in which you decide what you want to pay attention to in your personal development.

On day 2 there is an early, optional, dew walk on the program. After a light breakfast and preparation, we start the first psychedelic journey with a medium dose of psilocybin. After the journey we eat together and you have the time and space to relax and process your insights.

On day 3, after breakfast, we will discuss the experience of the first journey and prepare you for the second journey. This journey is with a higher dosage of psilocybin. Now that you know what to expect, it is valuable to look at specific topics in a more focused way. Beforehand there is the possibility to have a 1 on 1 talk with one of our professional coaches.

On day 4, Sunday 12 May, we will have a group sharing and you will work on bundling your insights so that you can continue your integration with a fresh view and start a new phase of your personal development. We end with a nice brunch and around 1pm everyone can go home.

The reason we choose two journeys is because, in our opinion, it provides the most valuable insights. In the second journey, you often continue on the insights of the first one. You will then know what to expect, which will make it easier for you to connect with your subconscious and look at things more specifically.

During the retreat you will share a room (a private room is possible with surcharge), you can fully enjoy nature, you can use the sauna and there is time for relaxation. We provide delicious, healthy and vegetarian food.

This retreat is the ultimate gift for yourself just before a new season. Through the relaxation and insights you gain during the two journeys, you are completely connected to yourself. This way, you create the moment to get clear what matters to you and which options you choose. You make use of your potential.

We will schedule an intake interview with each participant prior to the retreat. About a week after the retreat there will be a zoom call with the whole group and if you feel the need or wish, you can also schedule a 1-on-1 follow-up interview.

Psychedelic Retreat

Ascension Day

Ascension Day has different meanings. In Christian there is the belief, the ascent of Jesus into heaven but in Germanic times Ascension was another word for dew-walking. Dew walking was linked to celebrating a new season and the new life in nature. The maypoles that were planted, and which were the center of the feast, symbolized personal growth and the fertility of fields and cattle.

Our mission

“It is our mission to facilitate others so that they gain new insights, get closer to themselves and be able to see their own beautiful and unique qualities again. To be who they want to be.”

The place

Rest is one of our most important basic needs. We do everything we can to create a soothing experience that makes you happy, fulfilled and energized. Calm your mind in our beautiful place and find the clarity and silence to find your true self.

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